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sur mon vps ovh sur arch, j'utilise systemd-networkd avec dans /etc/systemd/network/





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@sir What made you choose to build it with random undefined behavior instead of errors for example?

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"Discord’s terms of service, particularly with respect to the rights they assert over participants’ data, are expansive and very grabby, effectively giving them unlimited rights to do anything they want with anything we put into their service. Coupling that with their active hostility towards interoperability and alternative clients has disqualified them as a community platform." - @mhoye

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Survol rapide du cahier d'activités de SNT

Comment peut-on encore parler de classe d'adresses IP en 2019 ?
Cela fait 25 ans que ce concept a disparu.

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Awesome #ssh trick I just learned!

Host *
IdentityFile ~/.ssh/temp_event
UserKnownHostsFile ~/.ssh/temp_known_hosts

You can give a specific known hosts file for a Host block of systems that you connect to.

This is especially helpful if you are regularly involved in a re-occuring event where you re-use hostnames but not the keys; or for temp installs, etc, etc.

#openssh #openbsd

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Bizarre, si on met "obvy" dans le champ value avec field=email, on reçoit tout le temps isExist: true

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Y’a une app qui m’a chatouillé. Du coup, prévoyez le 🍿 d’ici ce soir je pense, petit audit gratos en vue… cc @ObvyApp
Et @CNIL, tu peux déjà préparer ton dossier de plainte, de ce que j’ai vu, ils vont y avoir le droit 😊

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@Gargron I've met a bunch of Nginx Inc staff. They pronounce it "Engine X".

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Nginx is pronounced:

@mightymax Y a juste la vidéo sur la page d'un tweet qui se met en pause dans on scroll, c'est chiant.

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