Hey, I'm looking for an Ingress for Kubernetes thas is built to be secure and to be used on self-hosted ("on-premise") clusters.

It must:

* Use certificates from secrets in another namespace (specified in advance) if possible without having access to all secrets in all namespaces
=> Those are wildcard Let's Encrypt certificates managed by cert-manager (until I find another application that doesn't read secrets of whole namespace), I want to deploy multiple applications and to re-use wildcard certificates.
=> I don't want to copy the certificates in multiple namespaces.
=> bye ingress-nginx, traefik or anything relying on the Ingress resource, not supporting that feature on purpose for "security" reasons that are never explained (tell me what I'm missing in RBAC).

* Offer a way to upgrade without any downtime on any connection (although I'll never notice that in my current setup), while using hostPort for ports 80 and 443 (just like I can do with nginx on host)
=> I don't want to use firewall rules on the host to redirect on a NodePort, unless you prove me there is no other way and it is a good practice (I don't want to loose source IP so it would be SNAT?).
=> Since I bind on host ports 80/443, I can't use rolling update, so it needs to update inside the container itself without restart.
=> Maybe it's possible to use SO_REUSEADDR to be able to run multiple pods on the same port?

* Be easy to use with a PodSecurityPolicy.
=> not with a lot of deployments with different service accounts

I'm starting to brainstorm that project since there is no solution to my madness :)

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